How to stream or cast from Windows to Kodi

It’s possible to cast videos and music from a Windows PC to Kodi transforming your Kodi box into a poor man’s Chromecast. Windows devices can cast or stream content by leveraging a browser plugin for Chrome or FireFox. For example, it’s possible to stream Netflix or Hulu from a Windows computer to a HTPC or Android box running Kodi. In order to take advantage of this functionality a few features must be enabled within Kodi. (more…)

How to stream or cast from Android to Kodi

It’s possible to cast videos and music to Kodi transforming your Kodi box into a poor man’s Chromecast. Android devices can cast or stream content by leveraging the DLNA standard in conjunction with an app. In order to take advantage of this functionality a few features must be enabled within Kodi. (more…)

Windows Server network Unidentified (Public/Private) when multiple NICs present

Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 will fail to identify a Domain Network when multiple Network Interface Cards are present and one or more do not have a Default Gateway specified. The network identifies as “Public network” or “Private network” when it should be identified as a “Domain network”. In my case I had a server with a team of NICs for Management on a Corporate Network and another set of NICs on a private iSCSI network. After a reboot, the Network Location Awareness service would identify the network as Unidentified and Private causing policies to begin blocking services such as Remote Desktop. I found all sorts of potential solutions from delaying the start up of the Network Location Awareness Server (NLA), adding a Default Gateway to the iSCSI adapters, and editing Group Policy.

In the end, none of the solutions helps me. I tried even tried disabling all unnecessary protocols on the iSCSI NICs and still have this issue. If anyone knows of a solution, comment below. Thanks!


How to forward all WordPress pages from HTTP to HTTPS

Redirecting a WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS is not as easy as it should be. I have yet to understand why there isn’t a simple checkbox to complete this task. There’s also numerous references which provide inaccurate information of how to accomplish this task. I’ll explain how to accomplish this with Apache, Nginx, IIS, as well as some popular web hosting control panels. These configuration changes are not WordPress-specific and can be referenced for any type of website. 

If you don’t already have a certificate, check out Let’s Encrypt to obtain a trusted certificate at no cost. In most cases Let’s Encrypt certificates can be easily requested from your CPanel or Plesk web hosting control panel. 


Microsoft Account password out of sync when using Remote Desktop (RDP)

There’s an issue in Windows 10 which causes Microsoft Account passwords to become out of sync when using Remote Desktop (RDP). For example, I have a few computer systems running Windows 10 which I only access via Remote Desktop using my Microsoft Account (for example, [email protected]). If I were to change my Microsoft Account password from another computer system or, the new password will not work when connecting over RDP. However, the old password will continue to authenticate successfully. This is both annoying and a security issue. Below is a method to force a password sync.  (more…)

How to enable c$ admin share on Windows 10 and Server 2016

The hidden administrative network share (also known as c$ admin share) is not accessible by default in Windows 10. The administrative share is automatically created but can’t be access by browsing to “\\computername\c$” from a machine on a workgroup or home network. In a domain environment the c$ share should already be available. In a workstation or home environment the administrative share can be enabled from the registry.  (more…)

How to install Kodi addons

The majority of Kodi add-ons are obtained through third-party repositories. These repositories are maintained by communities and don’t last forever. Some are even forced offline due to legal pressure. In some cases completely legitimate add-ons are affected and adding new repositories or add-ons to continue accessing specific content.

Adding repositories and add-ons to Kodi is fairly straight forward. You can follow the general instructions below to add a repository and install any of its hosted add-ons.

For more information on Kodi and a list of popular add-ons, see How to stream tv shows, movies, and sports with Kodi.


How to stream movies and tv shows with Kodi and Poseidon

Poseidon has been recently revived and is still popular among the Kodi community for movies and tv shows. It has a familiar interface and features like the now defunct add-ons Exodus and more recently Covenant. Debrid, TMDB, Trakt and Alluc are all supported and it utilizes the popular NaN scraper. It’s actively developed and includes a community of loyal followers. It’s available from the Soulless repository.  (more…)

How to fix “No stream available” in Covenant for Kodi

In October 2017 numerous updates were made to the Covenant add-on for Kodi. One of those updates included a new dialog to display the number of different quality streams and has resulted in the error “No stream available” although streams are clearly available. Good news, there’s an easy fix.  (more…)

Watch NHL Gamecenter or NHL.TV in 60fps with Kodi

If you’re unable to use the NHL app for iOS or Android to stream the game then you’ve probably tried the NHL.TV or Rogers Gamecenter websites. And you probably discovered they’re terrible. Especially from a Media Center PC running Windows. The websites do not support high DPI displays and stream at a measly 30fps. But if you’re running Kodi, there’s a great add-on called NHL TV available from the official Kodi repository.  (more…)

Avoid blackouts with NHL Gamecenter or NHL.TV

It seems each year more and more NHL games are facing blackouts for cord cutters. This mostly applies to “in-market” games using NHL.TV or Rogers NHL Gamecenter (depending if you live in the US or Canada). The NHL defines “in-market” games as those which are broadcast by a regional television provider in your area. “Out-of-market” games can be streamed with no problem. For example, if you’re a Montreal or Ottawa fan living in Atlantic Canada, you won’t have much luck. But if you’re a Canucks fan, you’ll be able to stream every game. (more…)

How to stream tv shows, movies, and sports with Kodi

Kodi is a full featured media center actively developed for numerous platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Android. Kodi can play media such music, videos, pictures from your device, over your home network, as well as from the Internet. But Kodi’s add-on functionality is what makes it such a great media centre. Add-ons from official and third-party sources provide the ability to stream movies and television shows. I’ll go over the basics and then explain how to get started with my favorite add-ons. (more…)